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Integrative Sports Therapy
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About Integrative Sports Therapy

Integrative Sports Therapy is a new approach to care focused on providing the support previously reserved for elite athletes to anyone interested in improving their health and increasing their capabilities. We help our clients reach their personal goals through assessment, consultation and skilled application of the best of chiropractic, soft-tissue treatment techniques and prescriptive exercise.

How to begin?

The first step toward your goal is an assessment and consultation by Dr. Franelia Curaming D.C., CCSP. The assessment includes an inventory of previous injuries, and determination of physical disposition and general health. This is followed by a discussion of personal health goals, which could be:

  • Increased strength
  • Increased stamina
  • Improved resistance to injury
  • Weight loss
  • Improved mobility
  • Reduced pain.

Receive a Personal Plan

From the consultation we construct your personal plan. A typical plan can consist of chiropractic adjustment, soft tissue treatments, therapeutic exercise, and ergonomic and nutritional recommendations. Plans are carefully tailored to incorporate the specific support required to achieve your goal. Care is also taken to describe the plan to assure your participation and to reinforce your commitment to your goals.

Advance your health goals

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